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Plaster - New or Repair

Plaster is a premier system of interior wall covering.  It combines strength, design flexibility, and beauty.

There are two "systems" for plaster walls:  Conventional (3 coat) and Veneer (2 or 1 coat). All "systems" can be colored and/or textured to provide truly distinctive finishes.


A conventional plaster wall starts with 3/8ths inch wall board or metal lath.  Over that goes three (3) coats of Gypsum plaster (2 base coats and a finish coat).  Finish layers may be smooth or textured based upon your requirements or based upon the existing surface (in the case of repair work).

The advantages of a conventional plaster wall are:  strength (hard surface, not paper as in the case of traditional drywall systems); acoustics (better sound dampening room to room); fire retardant; design flexibility (domes, cones, spirals, barrel vaults, arches, concave or convex curves); repairable; and the thickness can be varied to hide framing or other discrepancies.


Veneer plaster is a two (2) coat or one (1) coat system.  It has many of the same advantages as conventional three (3) coat systems while increasing the speed of installation and lowering overall costs.  Veneer plaster can be combined with conventional plaster (3 coat system) for design flexibility.  It (Veneer) provides a hard coat and can hide some structural discrepancies through leveling.